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Walnut Creek

Treadway: Rosie the Riveter gala to honor women who reshaped history

Eastbaytimes Mar 15: Marian Wynn and Kay Morrison of Fairfield, Agnes Moore of Walnut Creek, and Mary Torres of San Leandro. (more…)

The Miracle of Moraga: How Saint Mary’s College gives March Madness a small-town feel

Long article from Eastbaytimes Mar 15: Without traffic it’s only thirty mins. from San Francisco, twenty from Oakland and fifteen from Walnut Creek. (more…)

“Alien Life on Earth” –New Tree of Life Foreshadows the Amazing Potential Diversity of Life in the Cosmos

Long article from Dailygalaxy Mar 14: The research was supported primarily by the Department of Energy through Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, with metagenomic sequencing by DOE’s Joint Genome Institute in Walnut Creek, California. (more…)

Law now requires hospitals to tell Medicare patients they are getting 'observation' care

Comprehensive coverage in Philly Mar 13: “Letting you know would help, that’s for sure,” stated Suzanne Mitchell, of Walnut Creek, Calif. (more…)

Could you change your opinion of Trump? We ask Bay Area voters

Long article from Mercurynews Mar 11: Only one member of the panel who didn’t vote for Trump — Rocco Biale, owner of Rocco’s Ristorante Pizzeria in Walnut Creek — is still holding out hope that the president will surprise people. In this article: Obama (archive) (more…)

KoJa Kitchen expanding to Walnut Creek, West San Jose, Alameda, Cupertino

Eastbaytimes Mar 10: The Bay Area’s KoJa Kitchen , a Korean-Japanese fusion cafe you may have discovered during its early years as a food truck, is spreading the kalbi love far and wide.You can also get your KoJa (or bowl or taco (illustration))… (more…)

Jury hears closing arguments in rape of elderly dementia patient case

Eastbaytimes Mar 9: Betiwan confessed having sex with the victim while he worked as a caretaker at Diablo Assisted Living in Walnut Creek. … “This woman was severely demented (illustration). (more…)





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Walnut Creek (Block5)

SunLink Closes $10M Credit Facility with Heritage Bank of Commerce

Altenergymag Mar 14: …company of Heritage Bank of Commerce, established in 1994 and headquartered in San Jose with full-service branches in Danville, Fremont, Gilroy, Hollister, Los Altos, Los Gatos, Morgan Hill, Pleasanton, Sunnyvale, and Walnut Creek. (more…)

Letter writer says Trump should be ashamed

Eastbaytimes Mar 14: Walnut Creek voters need to think about their choices… (more…)

Massive Mudslide Takes Over Clayton Residents Lives

Sanfrancisco Cbslocal Mar 13: Alli’s mother – Krista – says here is simply no easy route to get to the person children school in Walnut Creek. (more…)

Katherine Balch named first woman resident composer at California Symphony

Eastbaytimes Mar 13: Now the Walnut Creek-based Symphony has done something truly radical: Columbia University is in this article (archive) (more…)


Walnut Creek (Block6)

Walnut Creek Hair Salon | Best Walnut Creek Hair Salon

Youtube: Are you looking for a hair salon in walnut creek? Well I am fearful you have come to the wrong place. Th…

Walnut Creek

Writers to Talk Back differ over Sessions’ recusal move

Long article from Eastbaytimes Mar 10: Walnut Creek (more…)

Walnut Creek

Lafayette troop honors 14 earning Eagle Scout

Eastbaytimes Mar 8: Catherine Jacobson is an editor for the Bay Area News Group who oversees the Concord Transcript, Pleasant Hill-Martinez Record, Walnut Creek Journal and Lamorinda Sunday weekly publications. (more…)

Walnut Creek

Walnut Creek: City facing steep hike in pension costs

Eastbaytimes Mar 13: Mon Mar 13 at 12:27 pmWALNUT CREEK — In just 8 years, the annual cost of retirement benefits earned by public employees could more than double, putting a serious crimp in the city’s finances. (more…)

Walnut Creek

Why are Hummingbirds avoiding Danville feeder?

Eastbaytimes Mar 9: Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation is presenting its thirteenth annual Business of Saving Lives conference for animal welfare professionals and volunteers, 8:30 in the morning to five in the afternoon March 25 at ARF headquarters, 2890 Mitchell Dr. Walnut Creek. (more…)

Walnut Creek

Electrical Fire At Walnut Creek BART Halts Trains, Strands Passengers

Sanfrancisco Cbslocal Mar 5: WALNUT CREEK — An electrical fire at the Walnut Creek BART station brought trains to a halt Sat evening. (more…)

Walnut Creek

Snapp Shots: Maybe we all need new hair stylists at times

Eastbaytimes Mar 13: I followed that person from Oakland to Danville to Walnut Creek. (more…)

Walnut Creek

Fire at Walnut Creek BART station prompts train evacuation, service disruption

KTVU Mar 5: – BART officials remarked 250 to three hundred passengers on a train at the Walnut Creek station are being evacuated this afternoon because of a fire at the station and a lack of power. (more…)

Walnut Creek

East Bay students suspended for reportedly sharing nude photo of administrator

Timesheraldonline Mar 1: The photo, reportedly taken inside an off-campus locker room at a commercial gym in Walnut Creek, wound up on the cell phones and private apps of numerous students after being shared. (more…)