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The Miracle of Moraga: How Saint Mary’s College gives March Madness a small-town feel

Published Wednesday March 15

Photo: Eastbaytimes

MORAGA — Emmett Naar never made a recruiting visit to Saint Mary’s College. His 1st glimpse of the campus came when he showed up for orientation.

Lovely as it was, the pastoral setting had a downside, even for a resourceful Australian. The town of Moraga is so isolated, so blissfully remote, that Naar often didn’t know where the heck he was.

“I didn’t know how to get around anywhere,” the Gaels guard said. “I’d feel like I’d get lost in the hills.”

Basketball fans across the country know the feeling, even if they recognize the Saint Mary’s brand by now. When the No. 7-seeded Gaels face

“I think it’s undercovered, underreported, undercelebrated.”

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